These are the current services that Republic IT Services offers.

30 minute 1-on-1 Training

Our team of instructors are willing to conduct a 30 minute training on your company IT systems needs. We can show you how to use basic features to better assist with streamlining your overall company/personal computer needs.

Basic Data Backup & Data Transfer

Our trained team of experts will come to your on-site location and conduct a complete back-up of your servers and systems. Our team can either store the back-up copies at an off-site location of your choosing or we can also store it at one of our many secured data storage vaults.

Data Entry Services

Our highly trained experts in our Data Entry department are available for any of your data entry needs. We can help you create anything from a simple family budget to a complete inventory data entry spreadsheet. We can even assist with designing and building SQL databases for the small to medium sized businesses.

Home Network Setup and Troubleshooting

Did your old Wifi modem go out on you? Is the signal at your house really poor quality? Let our Networking Experts design and deploy the most state of the art network infrastructure into your home or business. Our solutions will be the best options for your needs.

Mobile App Design and Development

Our highly skilled experts have a passion in creating the most robust and reactive apps for your needs. Whether you need a simple contact form app to a fully integrated GPS tracking app, our Mobile Development team are here to assist with creating the most professional app for you.

PC Virus Removal

Is your device running slower than normal? Are you unsure if that email link you clicked on possibly infected your system? Our Crisis Virus Removal team is here to ensure that your systems are clean of all threats to your computer systems and infrastructure. We will conduct diagnostic testing as well as the final removal of any and all threats. Our team has keeping you and your business safe and secure to ensure that you can keep working without any additional worries.

Resume Design

Are you looking for a new job and wanting to ensure that your resume is up-to-date? Are you just wanting to keep your current resume listing all of the most relavent details? We will work closely with you to ensure that all of the important details and skills are properly highlighhted to help ensure you get past the screening phase to get your foot in the doorway and secure that interview.

Web Design and Development

Does your website look bland and cookie cutter? Do you want a modern and responsive website that can be viewed on any device or platform? Our team of Wed Developers are ready to build you the most robust and responsive website for your needs. Whether you are wanting a blog site or you need a landing platform for your company, we can design and develop the most professional service to complete your required task. Our experts will work closely with you to ensure that everything for your website is properly built as well as ensuring that you and your company are very happy with the results.


Are you looking for a company that will not only host your domain/website but also provide you with the server space? At Repbulic IT Services, we have you covered. Our secured off-site servers are ready to host your website as well as handling all of the requirements to ensure that the page live and online. We will also provide you with access to the Exchange server that will provide you with your domain email accounts as well. This way you do not need to worry about having a seperate email server. Our staff is also on hand for 24-7 emergency help desk services to ensure that anytime you have access to ensure that your hosting services are up and active.